Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Call me an April Fool

April 1 is one of my favorite days of the year. Perhaps it is because it is the beginning of my birthday month that it always feels like a new beginning. I don't do the practical joke thing, but good things always seem to happen to me on the day of the fool.

Five years ago today I was hanging posters for an upcoming performance. I walked into a small juice bar that I had never seen before and behind the counter was a very intriguing character. He chatted me up about the show, came to see my performance and we were unofficially engaged on our third date. We waited to tell people for 6 months so they wouldn't freak out. Although I have to say, it has become increasingly hard to surprise my family. They have grown accustomed to my "foolish" ways.

Perhaps what I love about the fool is that he lives by faith, not by sight. He sees the wonderful future in store for him while walking on the edge of a precipice. That feels familiar. There is profound wisdom in knowing that we do not know it all. There is power in faith and in knowing where our treasure lies. The happiness that the fool embodies is not folly but a kind of enlightened optimism.

Today I embrace my foolish nature and know that I am held in the hand of God.

P.S. Today I opened up my email to find that I had won a book from the Carpool Reader Blog I follow! What a lucky fool am I!

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  1. My husband was born on April 1st, so he is my own personal April Fool! I had to laugh when I read your description of the "fool", because it sounds a lot like Steve. Very optomistic by nature. Always dreaming, and believing that anything is possible.