Saturday, April 11, 2009

May All That is Sacred Return

The Rape Response Services Center of Bangor invited me to perform last night as part of a benefit to raise funds for their organization. I was honored to do so. Minutes before I left for Bangor I got an email about a woman named Marie who was interviewed on the Today show. Marie had been raped in the NY Subway. People witnessed the event and did nothing but push a button requesting the police. By the time the police got there she had been assaulted twice. She sued the NY transit authority and it was ruled that there was no law that would make it necessary for anyone to say or do anything more than what they did. Marie responded that she did not expect anyone else to do the work of the police but that she just wished someone had said something.

Last night I raised my voice in honor of Marie.

May we know the sacred that we are.
May we see the sacred in others.
May we never be tempted to trespass on the sacredness of any living being.
May we never stand silent when our voices need to be heard.

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