Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Rhythm of the Rollercoaster

This has been a very exciting week indeed. The proof for Transformational Mothering is now being printed, and all the artwork for The Divine Hours of Motherhood (prayers and lullabies for mothers and babies) is complete! Tomorrow I head to Thundering Sky studio to rerecord some things I was not completely happy with and by the end of next week that project should be on it's way to being printed. Phew!

The past few months have been a grand adventure. Writing and editing, recording and designing, learning about social networking and marketing and, of course, being a Mom. I wonder, were Barbara Kingsolver or Margaret Atwood ever interrupted at their desk with an "I pooped in my pants, Mommy."? Or a "Mommy, I hungry. Why aren't you feeding me?" (I do feed him but lately he is a bottomless pit and he knows that I will always stop to feed him. Clever little guy, no?)

I hear people talk about keeping their lives balanced. Does this really happen for anyone? When I try to keep my life balanced I just feel guilt for whichever part of my life seems neglected at the time. My life is more of a roller coaster, some things get more attention at one point and then swoosh it is on to the next. I am a wave of motion climbing slowly to the top, pausing in the still points and then hanging on while plummeting toward the next goal.

The good news is that I love beyond words the people I am on this ride with, I am excited about the hills we have to climb and the rise and fall of our life. All things have a rhythm and we are finding ours.

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